TickTick vs Notion: Who Wins in 2023?

As the year 2023 approaches, the battle between two of the most popular productivity apps on the market is set to begin. TickTick and Notion have been the go-to solutions for digital organization and task management for years, and the competition is only heating up.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the pros and cons of each app and explore who will come out on top in 2023. Let the productivity showdown begin!

TickTick vs Notion: A Detailed Comparison

It’s no surprise that Notion and TickTick have emerged as some of the leading productivity apps on the market today. Both offer a wealth of features and tools to help users stay organized, on task, and productive. But which one is the best cross-platform todo list app?

What is TickTick?

TickTick is a free task management and to-do list tool that focuses on productivity and simplicity. It assists you in staying organized, managing your time, and achieving your goals.

The app has a simple and user-friendly layout, with a list of to-dos and activities that can be sorted by date, priority, and category. It also has features like reminders, notes, collaboration tools, and much more. TickTick is an iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, and online app.

What is Notion?

Notion window

Notion is a powerful productivity and collaboration platform that is changing the way people work. With its ability to help users manage their tasks, and projects, and collaborate with others, Notion has quickly become a popular choice among individuals, teams, and organizations of all sizes.

Whether you’re a student looking to keep track of your assignments, a team leader looking to streamline your workflow, or a business owner looking to improve communication and collaboration among your employees, Notion has you covered.

With its highly customizable interface, you can tailor the platform to your specific needs and get things done more efficiently and effectively.

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TickTick vs Notion Features

Features of TickTick

  • Voice input: Allows users to add tasks fast and easily by speaking into their smartphone.
  • Smart date parsing: While creating a new task, it automatically parses the due date and time information and sets a reminder.
  • Users can schedule recurring tasks to repeat on a regular basis.
  • Folders, lists, and tags: Offer various degrees of organizability to assist users in keeping their tasks and goals clear and manageable.
  • Many reminders: To avoid missing a deadline, users can create multiple reminders for a task or utilize the “Annoying Alert” option.
  • Pomodoro timer: assists users in practicing the Pomodoro Technique, which divides work into focused intervals interrupted by brief pauses.
  • Calendar views: provides customers with a variety of calendar views, ranging from daily to monthly, to assist them to see their projects and deadlines at a glance.
  • Sharing and collaboration allow users to share their lists and tasks with others and collaborate to complete tasks.
  • Synchronization guarantees that users can access their tasks and updates from any device and that their data is up to date across all platforms.

Features of Notion

  • Notes: Notion enables users to compose text notes, bullet lists, and to-do lists with the option to supplement with media such as images, videos, and embeds from other websites.
  • Task management: Task management is made easy with Notion’s feature that allows users to make to-do lists, assign tasks to other users, and establish deadlines.
  • Databases: Users can construct custom databases to store and organize data, selecting from an array of database templates or creating their own from scratch.
  • Collaboration: It also permits users to share pages and databases with other members of a team, enabling real-time collaboration on projects.
  • Customization: Notion provides a wide range of customization options, such as adjusting the layout and design of pages, or creating custom views of databases.
  • Calendar integration: Moreover, users can integrate their Notion data with Google Calendar and Apple Calendar, providing a comprehensive view of tasks and appointments.
  • File attachments: Files, including documents, images, and videos, can be attached to pages and databases within Notion.
  • Mobile app: For on-the-go access, Notion has a mobile app available for iOS and Android.
  • Keyboard shortcuts: Keyboard shortcuts are available to help users quickly navigate Notion.
  • Import and export: Data can be transferred to and from other apps, such as Evernote and Asana.
  • Third-party integrations: Notion also supports integrations with other apps and services including Trello, Slack, and GitHub.
  • Templates: Additionally, users have access to a library of templates for a variety of use cases, like project management, event planning, and personal development.

TickTick vs Notion Pros and Cons

TickTick Pros and Cons

Sure, here is an expanded list of pros and cons of TickTick with more details and user reviews:


  • It has a free version available with basic features. This allows users to try out the app before committing to a premium plan. According to a user review,  “I like that there is a free version that still has a lot of functionality.”1
  • It has a built-in Pomodoro timer and a calendar view that helps users focus and plan their tasks. These features are useful for managing time and productivity. A user review we found online said, “I love the Pomodoro feature and the calendar view. It helps me stay focused and organized.”
  • It has a cheaper premium plan than some of its competitors, such as Todoist, with almost equal functionality. This makes it more affordable for users who need more advanced features. As per a user, “TickTick is cheaper than Todoist and has almost the same features. I think it’s a great value for money.”
  • It has a simple and effective interface that is similar to Todoist. This makes it easy to use and familiar for users who have used Todoist before. A TickTick user said, “TickTick is very similar to Todoist in terms of interface and functionality. I find it very easy to use and intuitive.”


  • The free version has too many restrictions, such as limited number of lists, tasks, reminders, subtasks, etc. This limits the usability and functionality of the app for users who have more complex needs. A TickTick user said, “The free version is too restrictive for me. I need more lists, tasks, reminders, subtasks, etc. I don’t want to pay for the premium plan just to get these features.”
  • Some features are hard to find or do not work as expected, such as smart lists, natural language processing, or recurring tasks. This makes it frustrating and confusing for users who want to use these features. A reviewer mentioned, “Some features are hidden or not working properly. For example, I can’t figure out how to use smart lists or natural language processing. And sometimes recurring tasks do not repeat correctly.”
  • It does not have some advanced features that other apps offer, such as location-based reminders, project templates, or integrations with other apps. This makes it less versatile and compatible for users who need these features. According to a user review, “TickTick does not have some features that I need, such as location-based reminders, project templates, or integrations with other apps. I wish it had more options and flexibility.”

Notion Pros and Cons


  • Drag and drop: Notion’s drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to organize and rearrange ideas, thoughts, and plans.
  • Centralized platform: Notion provides a centralized platform for managing projects, goals, tasks, and more.
  • Built-in calendar: Notion has a built-in calendar, allowing you to easily view and manage upcoming tasks and events.
  • Kanban boards: Notion allows you to create Kanban boards, which are useful for tracking tasks and progress.
  • User-friendly: Notion is user-friendly and easy to use, making it suitable for all users
  • Extremely customizable.: Notion can become pretty much any web interface you want it to be – from a regular note-taking app to a full-fledged website and blogging platform and more.


  • May be overwhelming: Notion offers a lot of features that may become overwhelming for users who are looking for a simple app.

TickTick vs Notion Pricing

TickTick Pricing

TickTick offers an annual premium plan for $27.99, which works out to be less than $2.4 per month.

Notion Pricing

Notion offers a free version of its platform, as well as paid plans starting at $4 per month for individual users and $8 per month for teams.

TickTick vs Notion User Reviews

TickTick Review

Love this app! Even the free version is amazing! It helps me organize both my personal and work life as a business owner. I’ve gone through many different apps and software and TickTick is definitely the best fit for me.

A user review from the app store
  • TickTick has a 4.7 rating on the Android app store. Its user base is largely satisfied with the app features and the user interface. Read all reviews here.
  • On the Apple app store, TickTick has a whopping 4.9 rating making it one of the highest-rated productivity apps out there. Read all reviews here.

Notion Reviews


Which is better TickTick or Notion?

It really depends on your individual needs. Notion is a powerful note-taking and organization app that allows users to easily create and edit documents, organize ideas, create tasks, and manage projects. It also includes access to a wide range of templates so you can quickly get started with a project. TickTick, on the other hand, is a streamlined task management app that is designed to help users manage their to-do lists and tasks. It includes features such as reminders, custom labels and priorities, and the ability to share task lists with other users. If you are looking for a powerful note-taking and organization app, Notion may be the better choice. However, if you are looking for a task-focused app with a simple user interface and easy-to-use features, TickTick might be a better fit.

Is TickTick worth it?

TickTick is a great productivity and task management app that is worth trying out. The free version offers a good selection of features, but if you are looking for more advanced features, the premium version of TickTick is definitely worth considering.

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