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About me

Hi, I’m Ninad. I was privileged to get my first computer at the age of 5.

From then on, I learned animation, programming, Linux, and a fair bit of exploitation and penetration testing. 

Finally, I settled down as a content creator in the tech-niche.

We are a perfect fit if you have a tech brand or website and are looking for someone to dedicatedly handle content creation.

Check out some of my work

A Completed Guide to the Ubuntu Firewall

This one is a complete documentation for the Ubuntu Firewall aimed at beginner audiences. The article is Built to be easy to read and perfect for SEO.

OpenLiteSpeed Webserver Installation

What are the exact steps to install the OpenLiteSpeed webserver on Ubuntu? This article covers them in complete detail. Another one aimed at beginners.

Steps to Install MySQL Server

This article outlines the steps to install MySQL server on Ubuntu. It also discusses basics of creating the first database and running basic commands.

HTMLParser in Python 3.x

HTMLParser library in Python is similar to BeautifulSoup. It’s an  easy to use library, with a lot of functionality. This article is about basics of the library.