The AI Dilemma – Why Give Yourself Time

It’s been less than a few months since AI came into the picture. And yet, it has taken the world by storm.

Thousands of tools have sprouted up since then, most of which are simply wrappers for ChatGPT API with some specific prompts.

In this AI frenzy, people are selling a paragraph of words, over and over again, without people realizing it. WTF.

That does not mean I don’t fall prey to these marketing tactics. I too have paid for a few tools which may have not been necessary.

But what’s the dilemma all about?

To Use or Not To Use AI

After being active in this industry for the last 12 months (I was one of the few who got access to Jasper unlimited boss mode through my company), I have realized a few things that may or may not be great signs for the future.

Here they are:

  • Good – Using ChatGPT not as a tool but as an assistant is great for work productivity and speed. I even paid the full price ($23/month) for ChatGPT Plus and it has been saving me hours in research.
  • Bad – Because of the lack of research, I have zero clue about what is being written and have slowly degraded my research and writing skills. Does that matter right now? Maybe not. But in the long term, I’m sure it will show.
  • Good – It is helping me get back on track with writing for MM with zero research required. Literally wrote 2 articles in an hour with proper links and citations, no manual searching or reading.
  • Bad – I might end up writing a lot without knowing anything and be seen as an imposter if any of the website moons.

There are so many other situations where I feel that the continuous use of AI has spoiled my language and my capability to think. While it may have freed up a lot of time and also helped me do more in 1/10th of the amount of time, it isn’t something I should be relying upon.

To counter that, I’m taking certain steps.

Steps to Counter the AI Dilemma

Things can be different if I change a few things. First, while I will not stop using AI because without it I’ll have to spend a lot more time working. But, what I will be doing is writing content and stories for my site, here on the personal blog.

Instead of spending one day a week for my personal ventures, I’ll spend 20-30 minutes a day doing so.

And I’ll try to write at least 200 words every day on this site. The blog may not rank but that’s alright. The point of these posts is to keep my brain working, and allow it to think in a structure and pattern that attracts people and makes them want to read.

That’s it for now, I’ll be back with more.

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