Hi I'm Ninad Pathak

A Technical Content Writer

My background in computer science lets me speak the tech-speak masterfully. I also bring in crazy love for writing detailed technical content.

With this combined skillset, I can write about your SaaS products to convey the right set of benefits, to the right audience, in the easiest way possible.

Complex does have to be complicated

I love making the complex, easy.

There's always a simpler way to explain. And this is my philosophy with writing.

How did I get into technical content writing?

Back in 2009, when blogs weren’t as common, I started a Blogspot blog to share tech news, programming ideas, and a lot about hacking.

This continued for quite a while until WordPress started taking over the internet. So, I moved over to WordPress to start a new lifestyle blog.

But as life happened, I wrote lesser and lesser until one day both the blogs were forgotten.

I started working at a job where things were fine (surprisingly) but something felt lacking. I wasn’t enjoying it. 

Little did I know, this little “unfulfilled with job” bug, would resurrect my long-lost hobbies and turn them into a career I enjoy waking up to, EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

When I started out, I took up anything that was offered to me, just to build a portfolio.

As I sit here to write this today, I have a portfolio of over 500+ articles, ranging from university guides, to technology and everything in between. 

And all of this was a process that helped me niche down as a technical content writer in India. 

Today, I wake up every day, to read, research and write about a variety of topics that I enjoy.