The Smart Phone Diet

Finally! I’m on it!

How can something so new, become so important, so soon?

These devices have become a part of the world no longer than 6-7 years ago. How did it become so much of a necessity?

Because communication became cheaper? No..Because you could talk to many people while watching a video, scrolling through past images, and reading something online about what you’re discussing on the phone, all at the same time? Maybe? But my answer for this is HECK NO!In my opinion, the reason why something becomes important to someone is when it connects. When you can personalize it. When you can say “This is mine!”Remember that “pet rock” fad? It was a fuckin’ rock. And people bought it, in the millions! Going by that, it looks like as long as you can call it your own, personalize it, and gain some value out of it, you love it.

But that’s not the point for today

I’m writing today to tell you a small story.Two years ago, when I purchased a brand new cell phone after using one of the first smart phone models for much longer than I should have, it was stolen. Like on the second day. And it was a gift from mom! 🙁You get a gift and it is gone from your hands, right on the next day. Even before you have used it.I gave up on phones and did not use a smart one for 2 months.And let me share how I survived those months.

How does “most productive time till date” sound? That’s what those 2 months were!

I am at my current job because I gave it enough time back then (phone theft and new job was in the same month) and understood the job better.Well, I’m on the same “diet” again, and will see how long this can last. Lot of office communication is only through smart phone apps but I’d rather stay out of that too.

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