Personal Finance – How to Grow Your Bank Account

Personal Finance Automation Series

Do you want to manage your personal finance in a better way? Want to build your bank account and have enough money when you need it most?

Would you like to make more money so you don’t need a compromise later? Do you wish you could automate your finances so you don’t have to worry about them again?

If you said “YES” to even one of the questions above, keep reading.

All of this might seem difficult but, I’ll help make the concepts simple for you, and you’ll know how easy it really is! If my 16-year-old brother can do it, I’m sure you can too!

This will be a series of posts relating to your personal financial situation consisting tiny tasks that you can take right now towards better personal finance management! Best part is, we’ll automate most of our tasks once we do it the first time!

In every post, we’ll go over one step to better personal finance for you. That’s it! Just 1 step. If you finish each of the steps as I roll out the posts, you’ll be far better off than most of your peers, and be managing money much better than you’ve done in your past years!

What will you learn by the end of this series?

Personal finance series. Improve your personal finance with the use of automation.
Learning personal finance needs some willingness, but the results for your willingness will be rewarded well!
  • Don’t you hate it when you have no money left at the end of every month? Learn where your money goes every month
  • How much of it can you put to use?
  • What can you do with your leftover money?
  • How can you automate most of your “known” expenses?
  • How to make savings and investments automatic so you do not notice any change in your life, while your bank account sees significant changes every month!
  • And that’s just the beginning. There’s a lot more coming..

If this all sounds interesting to you, I’m sure you’ll enjoy the end results a lot more!

Let’s take the first step already!

When we begin with our personal finance series posts, you’ll need a few things handy. So before you begin going through the posts, make sure you have the following things ready:

  • Two Bank accounts – An account where you’ll send your savings, and another one which you will use on a daily basis
  • A Trading account with a discount broker. Make sure you don’t forget the discount broker part. You don’t want to spend thousands in brokerage fees, do you?

These above steps are pretty easy because this is where you’re spending a bit of your money. And people will be happy to do everything for you in this case! So this shouldn’t take too long.

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