Hi, I'm Ninad

A 26-year-old content creator ✍️ and a technical SEO-geek 🤓

I specialize in creating in-depth technical documentation for complex B2B products and content for technology blogs that want to rake in organic traffic 📈. 

Over the last 4 years, I’ve worked on multiple projects that allowed to me work on:

  • large technical documentations with short deadlines
  • building websites in the technology niche to rank on Google
  • managing a remote team of 11+ writing interns 
  • newsletters related to email marketing with over 30k subscribers 
  • content planning for a B2B SaaS blog
And my current focus is on gaining enough expertise in B2B SaaS content creation.

What's my background?

Born in 1994, I got my first computer in ’97. Yes that was a loonnnnggg time ago!

The computer was connected to a dial-up connection with a whopping 56kbps speed 😲 (can’t imagine using that now, can we?) 

And it was a Windows 95 computer with a Pentium 1 processor, 96MB ram and a 5GB hard drive! 

From there on, I was hooked and have dabbled into:

  • Web development
  • C++, PHP, and Python programming 👨‍💻
  • WordPress
  • Penetration testing 🐱‍💻
  • Virtualization (VMware Hypervisor, Virtualbox)
  • Cloud technologies (GCP, AWS, and many other lesser-known ones)
  • Linux 💕
  • Content creation for the web

Let's talk?

Drop me an email if you are a B2B SaaS business looking for a content creator, or simply want to chat up about business, finance, or technology. I’m active on email and on twitter.