Why I started writing after a 4-year break

I wrote, erased, and rewrote the title at least 8 times before starting this post. There’s something about sharing life with the world that’s quite scary to me.

But, now that I’ve made up my mind, let’s get writing…

First, why did I take the break?

If archive.org tracked this website, you’d see the entire transition. From a full-fledged blog about my Betterment Project v1 and v2 to a 404 error all the time. It never reached that point of getting traffic though, so don’t bother checking.

The Betterment project was the last bit of consistent writing that I’d done for myself.

A lot has happened since then.

I switched jobs, careers, and even houses. Things that I thought would take years, are close to being true.

The change was thrilling!

It was a breath of fresh air after my previous dead-end job as a high-profile data-entry person in a fintech company.

I became a workaholic with the new career.

Started hitting 17 hour days working the job and then some freelancing.

It was super exciting. After all, I was getting paid to do what I loved a lot – writing.

But it took me away from everything that I valued – the people I cherished, reading books, writing blogs and journeys, and even my own body – only so I could work more.

And then the lockdown happened. Things got worse.

As the high of this new career wore off, the emptiness took over and I couldn’t believe I’d traded my life way.

So, I decided to take the much needed break to rethink and rebuild life.

I wanted to make up for everything that was lost.

  • family bonds
  • friendships
  • body
  • personal time

4 years went by fixing what was broken within a year. And now things are looking much better.

So, why come back now?

Over the entire break, I fixed most of the things that created the void. Reconnected with family and friends, started working out regularly and spent an hour a day on personal projects or just walking alone.

But the habit of spewing words on paper (virtual or real) as a brain dump kept nagging me every now and then.

So after waking up earlier than usual, at 7am, and finishing all the chores, I sat at my desk and finished all the projects for the day. The day ended with a lot of work done!

And there was enough time left before bed.

It was time to get this site ready for writing.

After spending a few hours setting the website up, here I’m – writing again.

My writing here is self-talk so you’ll find strange, less thought out sentences here and there. If you want more structured blogs, jump to my marketing and productivity categories.


Hi! I'm Ninad, a marketing and tech enthusiast. I enjoy learning about everything from old-school sales letters to bleeding-edge tools and technology used in marketing.

I'm also a minimalist. On a busy day, you'll find me with no more than 10 browser tabs. Free days? Probably just one.

If you love marketing, automation, personal finance, or just random conversations, you're at the right place!

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